The Coalition for Urgent Care Access

Urgent care centers have played a central role in the COVID-19 response, administering approximately 30 percent of COVID tests conducted in the United States. For months throughout the highs of the pandemic and into the winter months, urgent care centers have performed over 750,000 COVID tests per week serving their local communities as a trusted partner for their care.

The Coalition for Urgent Care Access serves as the coordinated and unified voice for the urgent care industry in the United States and is bringing together the nation’s leading local and regional urgent care clinics in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We represent the concerns of the urgent care industry through advocacy and partnerships.

Urgent Care Industry Insight

There are over 10,000 urgent care centers located across the United States, serving more than 160 million patients annually. Urgent care centers are a critical source of convenient, accessible, community-based care.

Over two thirds of urgent care centers are located in counties with above average rates of poverty, and in some of the most rural counties in the United States.

  • 77% of Americans live within a 10-minute drive of an urgent care center
  • 95% of urgent care centers close after 7 pm providing convenient after-hours care
  • 66% of urgent care centers are located in impoverished communities

Urgent care centers are designed to deliver high-volume care in a setting that is convenient for consumers. The spectrum of providers from physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, and lab technicians have adapted to serving the needs of the public during the pandemic. Urgent care centers are equipped to handle a large number of patient visits and have the ability to store vaccines properly.

  • 75% of urgent care centers are seeing 30 patients per day on average, as of January 2021
  • 10% of urgent care centers are seeing more than 100 visits per day
  • 97% of urgent care patients encounters last one hour or less
  • 92% of urgent care centers reported patient wait times of 30 minutes or less

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Urgent Care Centers Nationwide Map
160+ Million Patients Seen Annually
77% of Americans live within a 10-minute drive
66% serve impoverished or rural communities